All the products we sell are  brand new, first quality, latest models unless otherwise noted.  All our products carry their full manufacturers warranty. No products are warranted against abuse, miss-use, or failure due to being modified or used for purposes other than what they were intended for.

       If we ship a product and it arrives defective (if it was defective when shipped) we will replace that product at no charge ASAP.
       If a product was damaged during shipping, we will of coarse replace the product at no charge after determining the problem so we can be reimbursed by the shipper, since all the products we ship are insured.

       If a product gets lost during shipping and never arrives (this is very rare, usually they just get misrouted and take a little longer to arrive), we will send another one out only after we've arranged it with the shipper. (We have to have a trace put on it and have it officially declared lost so we can get reimbursed by the shipper and you don't end up with two packages).

       If a product fails during warranty, it must be returned to the manufacturer. We would be happy to take care of this for you, but it is up to the customer to be responsible for all shipping cost involved. For this reason, we would be happy to supply you with information on contacting the manufacturers and even contact them for you, but it would be in your best interest to send the defective product right to them yourself for faster cheaper service (there's less shipping cost involved this way).

     It is understood by the purchaser that some of these products are special order, custom made, hand made, and made to order, sometimes in other countries and that Back Street Inline cannot be responsible for delays in their arrival (within reason & at our discretion), and that sometimes products are held up in Customs when arriving from other countries which may further their delay.

    Most of our items are shipped, requiring a signature. It is the customers responsibility to make sure that someone is around to sign for, and accept the delivery, or make other arrangements with the shipping company to receive their package. If an order is returned to us, and must be reshipped, the customer is responsible for
all the shipping costs, which we originally spent, to ship the product out again, as well as any handling fees. If the order is canceled, the customer will be responsible for all shipping, and restocking fees. Clearance items will be considered SOLD, and can not be canceled. The customer will have to make the necessary arraignments for delivery. If you email us, we will gladly provide you with the necessary tracking information, before delivery. (ALL Tracking Number request MUST be made via EMAIL! DO NOT call us for tracking information. We WILL NOT give out Tracking Information over the telephone!)

    Orders going to Canada require duties to be paid upon their arrival. This is not something that we are in control of, but is required from the Canadian government. The customer is responsible for paying these duties. They are generally substantial! You may want to inquire about them on your end before ordering.

     Items may not always come as pictured, or expected. Sometimes manufacturers update their products, change the colors, graphics, design, and look. Due to the large volume our suppliers move through their facilities, the old gets replaced with the new, quickly, so we usually ship the latest models to our customers. We can not guaranty that a product will look as exactly as expected.

     Due to the rising costs in shipping, (we don't always raise our prices every time our shipping costs go up), we reserve the right (at our discretion) to hold orders for shipping until back ordered items come in, so that all the items in a single order can be shipped together, reducing shipping costs to us. For this reason we offer *free shipping, one time only, per order received.

    * PLEASE NOTE: Back Street Inline strongly advises that you know and understand your limits and skill level when using the equipment which we sell, use appropriate protective equipment, do not use this equipment for other than what it was intended and designed for, do not use while intoxicated, and to exercise good judgment when using this equipment. The careless and/or improper use/maintenance of this equipment can cause serious injury and/or death. It is the sole responsibility of the user to see that all safety measures are followed and all precautions are taken when using this equipment and that Back Street Inline cannot be held liable and/or responsible for any damages or injuries which may be incurred while using this equipment.